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We’re always looking for your feedback to improve things. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some FAQs below. These might help if you’ve got a question, otherwise you can always contact us by sending email to :


- How can I be sure about the product quality? 

We source our new and preowned products from trusted suppliers in the UK and make sure that they are high quality and are fully tested before being shipped out to you.  

- What are preowned products?

Most of our toys are preowned products that are carefully sourced from individuals who have used them sparingly with care; by reuse of products, we can offer them to you at affordable prices and at the same its good for the global environment. We are aware that some people are selling preowned toys in Pakistan market which were  donated to children in the third world countries. We are  strictly against this practice, and all our products are sourced from the UK, either from individuals or companies.

 - What is your refund policy?

We make special effort to ensure that you are happy with your product. However, in case something  is broken or missing, you should inform us immediately and we will fully refund your money.

- Tell me about your delivery process.

Once you have made an order through our web site or facebook, we will send you a confirmation and ship the product immediately via our delivery partner. You should receive the product within 3-4 days of your order.